Your Story Visualized.

This was created in December 2018 but had not yet been released. She will be releasing it possibly next week, leading into the grand opening of her latest storefront located across from the Denver Art Museum.

This 3-minute short film won the 2018 MyRødeReel International Short Film Competition. Bull Riding is one of the most dangerous and fastest growing sports in the world and Punishment is an intimate look at the process of overcoming fears and learning techniques to have a chance against an 1,800 pound beast.  Don Cardona produced, directed, edited and everything else by Don Cardona

Francy’s is quickly gaining popularity for its select Colombian coffee. We used colorful visuals and sound to heighten the olfactory imagination to help the viewer have the desire to come in and taste for themselves how good the coffee, pastries and arepas can be

This foundation’s mission is to prevent drowning and to educate organizations that have water on their properties. Their 5K Spalsh Dash is one of their signature events and we created this to generate signups well ahead of the race day.